BLOOK: New Medium for New Millenium

Karmadale After Blog Based on nearly 7 years of  the Carbondaley Dispatch blog about Carbondale, Illinois, Karmadale After Blog is about how blogging improved the author's personal life -- and that of his community.

With 64 paper pages of text and photos, this blook will include
a DVD disc
containing THE COMPLETE TEXT, as well as hundreds of additional IMAGES of places, events and people of Southern Illinois -- as well as VIDEOS and MUSIC from Between the Rivers. 

What is a BLOOK?

Table of Contents
  • What’s in a Name?
  • Blogging Beats the Blahs
  • The Little Station that Could
  • Carbondale Blight Spots
  • POOLitical Issue
  • Mayory Old Soul
  • Meeting the Candidates
  • Meeting the Media
  • You Can’t Make Love to City Hall
  • Carbondale Mean Street
  • V is for Varsity
  • Bike 2 Work Day
  • Behind Between the Rivers
  • Taps for The Tap
  • The Bricks of Jackson St.
  • What About the Sufis?
  • New at the Newell
  • Love that Art!
  • Taking the Neighborhood out of the Co-op
  • The Run for the Fun
  • Chancellor takes a chance
  • Boundless entrepreneurship
  • Cole vs. Simon: A Blog's Eye View
  • Other Blog-driven Community Projects
  • Blogs Revisited -- A Chronological Supplement
The author has taught journalism, advertising and public relations writing at several universities.
He started the blog "the carbondaley dispatch" in 2002 to focus on local people and events.
He currently teaches electronic publishing at "Books & Bytes" in Carbondale.
He enjoys music, art and entrepreneurship more than politics.