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Shawnee Network began in the summer of 1995, on a porch on Walnut St., across the street from Bob Pauls, who at the time owned Phil Gilbert's old house, the one with the basketball hoop. (To be...cont.)

       Photos of Carbondale, Illinois for the Carbondaley Dispatch
August-Sept 2003
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Girl from Buffalo at Labyrinth
Buffalo girl at Labyrinth
Cups of coffee, cans of paint
 A fan and his dog
Assessing the situation
Carbondale Artists
Linda, Teresa & silhouette
Alley throughway
Assessing the situation
Kim's cushy job.
Lighting the Tropicana
Alley throughway
Passage to Walnut St.
Painting at Hundley House
Kim's cushy job.
Good Shepherd Church
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 Kim's cushy job.
Kim's "cushy" job
Cousin Andy's good friends.
Friends of Cousin Andy's
Peace and Justice shows its stuff
Peace and Justice vaudeville show
 Good news from the committee
Good news!
Peace and Justice shows its stuff
Tootsie's vintange recreations
Peace and Justice shows their stuff
At Hundley House .
 Good news from the committee
Simple unpretentious elegance.
Garden of the Gods view
Not Giant City, Gods' Garden
Mexican singer
Mexican Independence Day   9.20.03
 Lunch at the Communication Bldg
  lowercase dave and Kid Canterbury

Half-mast at McAndrew

Farmer's Market
 Lunch at the Communication Bldg
Dental tech
Lunch at the Communication Bldg
Lunch at the Communications Bldg
Lillian Adams at Unitarian Fellowship
Good deal of the Chicago Trib
 Wizards at Boo Rochman Park
Wizards at Boo Rochman Park
Lillian Adams at Unitarian Fellowship Spanish Choir at St. Francis Xavier  Big trophy for Big Boys
Volunteer at Af-Am Museum Big trophy for Big Boys  The nicest lady in Carbondale?
Display case for sale

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Where is this window on Main St.? 
Big Fans Strummin' at Mungos
 Billy Peterman
Babes at Mungos Lyric with guest guitarist Where's Brian? 
Cooperative guy
Band director
 Greenhouse in a bag guy
Lost and For Free
Kool Aid stand on Springer St.
 Flags over IFC
Paster Janice, Deacon Len Unitarian Musicians
 Rev. Bill Sasso at the church of the park
Aaron the martial artist New Beginnings Community Church
 Saluki Swimmers
Saluki Central Evergreen Terrace Girl Scouts
X radio deejay
Night riding
OVC Guitars
Hundley Housers
Wilma and mom at Eve of Elegance
Eves of Elegance
Compliments to the chef
Compliments to the chef
 Matt mikes Monty
Return of the Native
Matt mikes Monty
Matt, mike and Monty
WPSD Channel 6 cameraman Patrick
Channel 6 camera man
Shelter Insurance
Sign in Jovenella's window
Community Thrift Store guy
Kids at Eurma Hayes computer room
McCleland's on Illinois & Main
 Mayor Cole preparedness
"Typewriter at work Day"
Treesong & friend
Treesong and friend
Kids at Eurma Hayes computer room
"Kids at Eurma Hayes Center
 takin it easy at Marberry Arboretum
  Chillin' at Marberry Arborteum
Tawl Paul at the mike
Official Blues Singer of Football Salukis
What's is name signs the football
"What's 'is name" signs the football.
Couldn't read his handwriting. :(
 Charles Speck
Bruce Camden at work
  Mike Trude at Murdale
Saluki Football Marketing Director
Coach Jerry Kill about to get wet
 Charles Speck
Official Latinist of Football Salukis
Lining up for signiing
Line and linebackers at Murdale
Rental singer
  Official Guitarist of Footbal Salukis?