Monday, July 17, 2006

Hot topics

Things are heating up in the Mideast, while in this neck of the woods, it was too hot (for me) to sit outside drinking wine and listening to down home blues at Von Jakob Vineyard -- or at Cache River -- this weekend. More of the same is expected the rest of the week, so I plan to stay inside, and read the newspaper headlines online, as well as other local blogs to learn what's going down in my home town.... Maybe venture out to Turley Park to hear Professor John Band (R&B) on Thursday night.

It's good to see Mr. Right and Bennett Surfless have returned to blogging after their hiatuses. (I call Southern Illinoisan columnist Jim Muir "Mr. Right" because he's so right-wing, whereas SI Editor James L. Bennett is "Bennett Surfless" in his blog because he never includes any links in his blog posts.)

Other bloggers are also hanging in there during these sticky days of mid-July. Peter Gregory has been blogging up a storm in his biz blog -- raining on the idea of a $40,000 Inaugural for SIU President Glenn Poshard. Like Mr. Right, PG thinks it is not money well spent.

But Bennett approves, giving traditional reasons.

I think even more money should be spent for Poshard's Inauguration in September, and they should book Majnun to perform. By then, the Carbondale-based band will be back and rested from the European tour described in their blog.

Now I'm taking two more weeks off from posting to this blog -- until August 1.

Maybe I'll post a snap shot from South Carolina.

In the meantime, to make your visit to this blog even more worthwhile, I'm offering a free breakfast entree at Sambucca Joe's will be awarded to the first person to comment below, and two (2) gift certificates (for breakfast or lunch) entrees to the last person to comment (before midnight, August 1).

Here's the Sambucca Joe's menu.

If Poshard's ceremony doesn't interest you, then choose some other topic in the Carbondale Biz blog.