Friday, October 31, 2003

A bag day at the office

Today was a day for filling bags of all kinds for some reason (sounds like a story for Nicole Sack!). Last night, I got called by Jenna at Express Personnel to work at the landfill in Desoto picking up windblown bags due to recent 40 mph wind gusts. Which I did...until noon, filling up five heavy duty 50 gallon bags with plastic sacks and newspaper, without a stick. Lots of bending up and down. So I knocked off early to complete other business I had going prior to Jenna's call....which brings me to City Hall...

...and this photo of Wilma, the receptionist, giving candy to a little girl in costume, and that of Mayor Brad Cole meeting with possibly the next youngest mayor of Carbondale.

Afterwards, I got curious about Continental Waste Industries and its parent company Republic Industries, so I did some research...above.

More photos of the landfill, etc. here.

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Calling all bicyclists

Senate Bill 275 could come to a vote in the first week of November during
the "veto session". More details on the bill are at Questions about Senate Bill 275 The League of Illinois Bicyclists wants you to call your state representative and senator before November 2. (It's OK to leave voicemail.) Mention that you're a bicyclist in their district. Ask them to vote Yes on Senate Bill 275 in the veto session. LIB is hoping hoping to sway Reps. Mike Bost and Gary Forby from their previous NO votes.

Rep. Mike Bost (618) 457-5787; (217)782-0387; 632 Statehouse, Springfield, IL, 62706
Senator Gary Forby (618) 439-2504; (217) 782-5509; M115 Statehouse, Springfield, IL, 62706

Daily Egyptian reports: International students unhappy with proposed tuition increases. A meeting to discuss their concerns will take place Nov. 7 in a location tba.

Campus Lake Massa-scare

This weekend: PRSSA sponsors on-campus haunted house for Halloween: "The first haunted house, 'Campus Lake Massacre,' will take place Oct. 31 and Nov. 1 from 6 p.m. until 12 midnight in Thompson Woods and Campus Lake. The admission will be $7 or $5 with a donation of a canned food item."

TRIBE meets today

News from Nightlife online: Today at 5 p.m. at the Interfaith Center, TRIBE (The Restoration of Indigenous Beliefs Expedition) will meet to teach indigenous youth to produce independent films that incorporate the stories of their culture. For more information, or to donate to the organization, contact Tiger Moon Rhythm

Orphanage Ground Breakage

Ken Seeber reports in The Southern Illinoisan: Ground Broken for Murphysboro Masonic Orphanage: "Illinois Masonic Children's Homes are geared toward children from broken families who have nowhere else to turn. They find children through referrals from school systems, family counselors, churches and members of the Masonic Fraternity."

Foundation finds friendly fundamentals for fundraising

Rickey McCurry, vice chancellor for Institutional Advancement, says building positive relationships is the key to improving donations to the University "I start with relationships," McCurry said. "I don't start with dollars." Meanwhile, two friendly new board members, Mary Kay Moore and Robert Richter were named to the SIU Foundation's board of directors to help the University raise more money.

It's all part of Walter Wendler's master plan.

When Social Work Works

Long article in the Daily Egyptian about Allison Hogan, a senior in social work and a member of the Social Work Student Alliance, who put together Harvest Celebration for Cornerstone Place : "Not only did social work faculty get involved in this project, but every member of SWSA, members of the Association of Black Social Workers and about 60 other social work students also signed up. Within three weeks, social work students completed a clothing and food drive."

Daily Egyptian: Murphysboro woman takes bite out of boyfriend's ear

The Nightlife website features some photos of Halloween Costumes 2000

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Courtesy of the Daily Egyptian: Classifieds added to Carbondale Directory.

What's in a ranking?

The Southern Illinoisan reports:

Football Salukis climb to No. 3. . . .

Basketball Salukis picked to finish 5th in MVC

Ken Seeber of the Southern Illinoisan reveals Emailed press release a hoax.

A Mayory old soul?

Nicole "Fly on the Wall" Sack's profile in the Daily Egyptian of Young King Cole quotes the Mayor as saying

"I get a lot of comments like, 'Gee, you're young.' Well, everyone I know wants to be younger."

This isn't true. Nicole must've got it wrong, because Brad knows me, and I don't want to be younger.

Speaking of which,

CNN/Money reports: Older jobseekers in high demand.

Some of my old friends are retired already, but I'm still looking for an entry-level position. I'm thinking of setting up a desk in the entry to City Hall, or selling barbecue with Carolyn in the Communications Bldg, where I can advise Journalism students to use a napkin and develop specialized versatility with every sandwich.

Speaking of younger. Last night I was out walking with a friend down University Ave. where we were treated to a feast of sight and sound. Hoardes of sorority girls in matching tee-shirts, "serenading" the fraternities with lightly lewd song sendups and dance routines. Nothing about it in the papers or internet but it shoulda been videotaped. Maybe they'll do a reenactment for "Veggie House 2: Hold the Sausage."

Putting a positive spin on being named "The Armpit of America".

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Dude, where are the reviews?

America's favorite bad boy, the shambling, rambling "poster child of protest," Michael Moore has topped himself with his best --and worst--book yet, even more ambitious than his best-selling "Stupid White Men," or his documentaries, Roger and Me and Bowling for Columbine. I picked up on it thanks to a favorable review by Sean Loftus in The Daily Egyptian's entertainment pub The Pulse. which states, "regardless of who you are, what your political stance is, what party you vote for, [or] what you think about our President," this "book is an incredibly compelling read." That's quite an endorsement, so I decided to get another more opinion or two.

A review by NYT's Janet Maslin says its "much sharper about election strategy than it is about uncovering the Bush administration's transgressions." titles its review One Moore stupid white man and says "Just as worrisome as Moore's frequent mistakes is the distorted manner in which he presents some of his claims that have a factual basis."

Moore himself says his book "humble attempt to violate the Patriot Act on every single page of the book."

Speaking of the Patriot Act, I hear tell

City Council will be asked to be un-Patriot Act-ic

Vote in favor of being against? How could anyone be against anything as mom-and-apple-pie-sounding as The Patriot Act? Inquiring Public Relationers want to know. My guess is, the Council will follow the footsteps of Austen, TX, where former City Councillor Keith T*X**** has hands-down the best hands-on job anywhere. My guess is that the Council will support the measure when it's brought forward by Green Party standard bearer, Rich Whitney.

Enough about war, politics, and massage therapy... let's talk about food.

Aces' place or yours

Today I spoke to Jane Morgan about a website for Aces Catering in Herrin.

And while in the neighborhood, I stopped in to see if J.W. Reynolds Monument Company still included ...

Free erection

This topic goes back to the 1970s and 80's when the area's largest (only?) monument company advertised on television and promised the above with every purchase. I stopped in the office to ask the person there if the offer was still good, she said yes, but declined the opportunity to be photographed under that slogan.

Remains of Day

At Crab Orchard Wildlife Refuge late yesterday afternoon.

Southern Illinois has a growing Aquaculture business, thanks to I-FARRM.

Speaking of "-aculture" endeavors, it's been awhile since we've looked at Wayne Weiseman's Permaculture Project.

The Christian Science Monitor reports: He wants to reclaim towns for pedestrians, "invited by a group of citizens who want make their town a better place to walk and bicycle." -- Thanks to J.H. for sending this.

Drug money

It's in the DE: "Drug imports would save a total of $34.2 million annually for state employees and retirees. ...Plus, taxpayers, who fund the state's prescription drug program, would save $56.5 million," bringing the total savings to $90.7 million".

Daily Egyptian : For second year, downtown bars will closed, as the University remains open.

Dear Landlord

Yesterday, I filled out an application for work at Center for Comprehensive Services and also learned that the School of Journalism is seeking an academic adviser to replace Judy Rossiter, who is retiring from university service after 30 years. Earlier in the day, spoke to the lovely and talented Jenna Zakeri, whose work as an Express Personnel franchisee is cut out for her--and she for it--as her photo shows.

Speaking of photos, some were added to New Beginnings Community Church website and the Herrin Youth Sports website.

And a bunch more were posted on the Shawnee Network Fall Photos page.

Monday, October 27, 2003

Did you know there was a website to promote Southern Illinois Agri-tourism?

Guess what's Chicago's most popular Halloween costume.

Foundation for Charity

This town needs a charitable foundation like the one they have in Cairo, Illinois, Southern Foundation Inc.. Founded by Thomas H. Beadles. The Foundation serves four counties: Alexander & Pulaski in Illinois, Ballard Co., KY; and Mississippi Co., MO. The endowment fund currently totals $741,000, and around $47,000 is awarded each year.

Do Community foundations address local needs in Carbondale also? How about the Southern Illinois Community Foundation? This blog will investigate further.

The lot thickens

Regarding the bike storage proposal idea, Brian Mager, Parking Division Admin, said he'd "already thought of it," but was waiting for more cars to be parked in the lot before making the investment. When it was pointed out that if the University put a permanent secure lighted storage structure for bicycles in the lot (any lot!) the number of cars parking there would increase, Brian agreed. As always, it's matter of cost. If students or staff are willing to pay a fee, the whole idea becomes more feasible, and could conceivably be installed by next Spring, in time for Bike 2 Work Day II. Brian said he'd entertain a written proposal for the plan, which this blog will be the first to know.

AlterNet: "Except for its totally unfocused message and the fact that organizers missed a golden opportunity by not holding it three weeks earlier the anti-war rally in Washington, DC on Saturday was a tremendous success."

An excellent article by Ken Seeber in The Southern Illinoisan: The Halloween Horrors: The Ghosts of the Strip are still heard.

Sunday, October 26, 2003

Brach's Confections, a healthy choice

Generic Candy Corn Will Give You Aids, according to an article in The Onion, my favorite source for news spoofs.

Chew on this awhile

Bubble gum turns 75: Keeping dentists busy since 1928.

Trick or Paste!

For many years at this time of year I've been saying that tooth paste manufacturers should get into the Halloween act and make small "candy sack size" tubes available for giveaway by progressive or obsessive parents and concerned citizens. Perhaps introduce some new brands: Scared White! or Freaky Plaque Out.

All the nudes that fit

CBS Sunday Morning did a segment on the Naked News this morning, an idea I was pitching a few years ago, except I called it "The Evening Newds."

and speaking of nudes... 450 women join photo shoot in N.Y. Go figure.

Lots of Bike Racks!

Friday was a slow day, making homemade chicken soup in the afternoon, noticeable serendipity did not occur ''til nearly 4:00 p.m. when I was telling a neighbor about the big idea for placing secure, sheltered bicycle racks in the Arena Parking Lot (and elsewhere?) so students, faculty and civil service employees can conveniently ride bicycles on campus by storing them overnight near to where their cars are parked. Conceivable a Bike Parking Shelter could be placed in other parking lots also. You'll never guess what job my neighbor 's up for. You could have knocked me over with a Schwinn.

I think it would be appropriate for the City to get into the act, as well, by constructing bike parking shelters at its parking lot across the street from the Interfaith Center on Grand Ave. in time for next Spring's in time for Bike 2 Work Day 2....Why not?

A 3000 word essay on Natural Sights on the SIU campus

Saturday, October 25, 2003

Scores of Carbondaleans march and rally Thousands march in Washington against war in Iraq. and the football Salukis march down the field in the rain to score 20 points vs. Southwest Missouri State.

Saturn's Day

Members of the Peace Coalition of Southern Illinois already know there is a March and Rally, from noon til 3 or 4, from Town Square to Interfaith Center. Ditto the folks attending today's Saluki Football game at McAndrew Stadium at 6 p.m., and the Tailgate party before.

What these people probably don't know is that Saturn goes retrograde between 4 and 5 p.m. at exactly 4:43 p.m. which might be a good time to have Tailgate Party for Peace, or a Peace Table at the Tailgate Party. The peace movement has really missed the boat in not tying-in to the alcohol industry. The next march and Rally could solicit corporate sponsorship, such as Budweiser or Miller. ("This peace march brought to you by Miller Genu-Un-Draft") Or maybe Carbondale's own microbrewery, Copper Dragon, could sponsor a peace blimp.

If you're curious about the astrological stuff, see Today's Important Aspects: Astrological Hours: "Saturn's Day, October 25th, 2003". (This blog employs a wide array of sources. )

Delta Force

The Daily Egyptian reminds us that: Chancellor Wendler wants Mississippi Delta universities to join forces in order to spur economic development under the aegis of Delta Regional Authority. He's travelling to Lousiana State University in Baton Rouge (where he taught architecture for six years) to give a speech about it next month. Is Walter laying the foundation for a lasting economic structure, meaning more jobs for Southern Illinoisans? That's the idea.

Daily Egyptian : Professor's one-man exhibit at University Museum: "The show has five elements; The Busch Mausoleum in St. Louis, the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building Memorial, the Experience Music Project building, and the centerpiece of the show, a large photograph titled 'An Urn's Life.'" Show will run through Nov. 21.

Daily Egyptian: The Peace Coalition of Southern Illinois will sponsor march and rally today at 1 p.m. from Town Square to the Interfaith Center, where a rally will be held at 2 p.m.

Tonight at McAndrew Stadium, 6 p.m. --No. 4 Salukis look to move to 8-0 vs. SMS.

Friday, October 24, 2003

Findhorn Foundation: Virtual Tour

Paint job

This story lays it on thick: Local business rescues fledgling partnership: "Enter SIUC alums and brothers George and Jim Sheffer of Murdale True Value."

click on photo to enlarge and read caption.