Friday, November 10, 2006

What next?

With only one more day before this blog is retired, I've had some "second thoughts," but still believe it's time to make a change.

Paradoxically, things are heating up in the local blogosphere. The new team blog has great energy. Six people have signed-up, so far. It could use (perhaps) 5 more "team players" (no more than one post per day ;-)), because with so many bloggers, it could turn into the local version of the Huffington Post, (without the "Liberal Democrat" bias) or 9/11 (without the dedication to 9/11 Truth) with individual web logs within the main blog, which will be PHP (Open Source) software called Drupal -- state of the art technology for group blogging. "Community Plumbing" they call it.

The new blog will be like this blog on steroids! It had more comments in the first week than this blog got during its first year (I think). But it still needs a better name than Carbondale Bytelife (which sounds too 'techy') . . . and some photos.

People have said I should keep this blog going, so maybe the name "New Carbondaley Dispatch" would be better than "Bytelife". I'll run it past "the team."

Speaking of whom . . .

Bloggers convene
A small group of bloggers will be at the Chamber of Commerce annual luncheon next Tuesday (after this blog has gone silent) to wolf down some barbecue by Great Boars of Fire barbecue and hear Mayor Brad Cole's State of the City Speech (presumably it will posted to this web page by then). Presumably he's gonna tell us "What Next?"

The "New Carbondaley Dispatch" should be interesting reading the next day. ;-)

Will Cole be telling us about the state of the City next year? That reminds me, I just put Walter Wendler's domain to rest, redirecting it to a better place. Go ahead, click on Where are White & Borgnoni? ;-)


At 11:24 AM, Ed said...

You should blog from the luncheon like the political bloggers who were at the CNN Blog Party on Tuesday night.

At 11:32 AM, dave said...

excellent idea. Alas, no wireless at City Hall (yet).

At 3:41 PM, Shawn, the Beer Philosopher said...

When you first mentioned this to me, Dave, I thought about the whole "real-time" blogging thing, at the event. Ed's idea is a good one and something I think needs to be the in the future plans for local bloggers for sure.

I'll see you Tuesday.


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