Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Post Peter Post

Since Peter "The Great" Gregory retired his controversial blog, I've been at a loss, lacking a foil to react to. Although the new Carbondale Bytelife team blog shows promise, I haven't met any of the other contributors . . . yet. Personal contact is important to my blogging style -- to actually know, or have met, the persons whom I skewer, or needle, or prick.

Peter and I "go back" to when Rosetta Books was Rosetta News, before the first Southern Angel Business Plan Contest, for which he put up $20,000 in prize money. Yesterday, I got a hearty dose of the art maestro at a local restaurant (a gourmet spot with no web site) over lunch. He inquired about my blook, and I explained that continual posting to this blog -- plus upcoming elections -- has prevented me from hunkering down and wrapping it up. I also explained that I am not encouraged by the sales forecast (in a market as small as Carbondale) to warrant all the cost and effort it will take to get 'er done. We'll see. . . . Maybe I will simply discontinue this blog after Saturday, November 11 , and get back to work on my blook (to have it in print by the week after the city elections in May).

When the impulse strikes to post something to a blog, I can join with the voices of "Team Bytelife. "

Will Peter blog again? Well, he's leaving town for sure, but not 'til after the upcoming mayoral and City Council election, so we'll see. He's been sent an "official invitation" from Blogger to join the Carbondale Bytelife team. How about you, Bloggee? Will you join? Your anonymity is assured.

To me, blogging is like playing frisbee as onlookers admire the grace of the flying disc and agility of the players, tossing the platter right to the other, or throwing it where they aren't, but will be. Do you catch my meaning?

Peter compares blogging to "masturbation unless you have a goal." Well, I'm no stranger to typing with one hand, but I agree with Peter: the goal of this blog was originally to "jump start" the Shawnee Net site, but eventually this blog took on "a life of its own." Well, now it's time to put the Carbondaley Dispatch to rest.

sniff sniff.

. . . and devote my excess blogging energy to Carbondale Bytelife, On the Square Online, and the handful of other blogs that I contribute to (listed at right).


At 11:47 AM, Peter the Great said...

Did you see Uncle Walt took the collar this morning?

It would be lots easier to comment if I didn't have to click twice to get to this interface. My blog wasn't like this, I wonder what options make it the other way?

At 12:06 PM, Anonymous said...

Considering what went down this morning, I have a hard time beliveing that Peter will stay silent... 8-)

At 1:50 PM, nobody said...

the idea behind Shawnee Net is good, but so is weblogging.. maybe y'all should be less hard on each other about quitting.. it's not like alcoholism, where you can pick it up again anytime..

oh wait, i guess it is like alcoholism..


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