Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Penultimate post

I never did write my final (?) post for this blog on Saturday, because I was on the road with my arms full of art.

And now, I see that Peter the Great has resumed his blog, taking the new title suggested by Cindy and running, I mean ranting, with it. It's heady stuff, this blogging business, Bloggy. Like sex. Once you try it, you want do it again. (Similarly, Peter sez in a comment to one of my posts "Blogging is masturbation unless you have a goal." So what is his new goal, I wonder.) It's good he's got his hand in blogging again. But it looks like the neophyte Bytelife is going to get the tame stuff, and what he calls 'the nasty stuff' will go into to Gregorian Rants, so . . . we'll see how it all shakes out.

For instance . . . the recent story in The Southern by veteran reporter Linda Rush about the Park District: "The Carbondale Park District Board voted unanimously Monday night to dismiss its court petition to sell Hickory Lodge, a property that had been donated to the district years ago by the Martin family and had been the district's office until 2004, when park operations were moved to the LIFE Community Center.

It also heard and saw a presentation indicating public support for an outdoor swimming pool for the community."

Good news for a lot people. But PG digs deeper into the Pool thing, concluding it's a "complete waste of time and energy."

So now, I'm gonna hold off creating the final post to this blog, until the new Drupal version is good to go, and maybe Peter can be persuaded to pour his wine into the new skin.


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