Monday, October 09, 2006

Pressing On

The DVD 911: Press for Truth arrived last week -- to show at local venues in coming weeks and months . . . at places like Big Muddy Independent Media Center, the Interfaith Center, the Unitarian Fellowship, and other churches; at the Public Library, perhaps, and the Student Center, or the Civic Center.

Meanwhile in the local blogosphere Peter the Great continues to tear SIUC 'a new one' in his C'dale Business & SIUC blog. His saga of involvement with the Electrical Engineering Department is worth reading because it reveals Peter's bull-by-the-horns style for making use of time. But his latest post this morning rags on Chancellor Walter V. Wendler's plans and performance once again, so it seems like the news service should exercise its PR function and post corrections to Peter's errors, where appropriate.

I haven't heard from Chancellor Wendler about Peter's challenge to me. So, it's doubtful he will answer the blogosphere on that subject (a personnel matter). Would you? The person WVW allegedly wronged should speak to him one-on-one (not publicly, thru a blog). The aggrieved faculty member should go through the three-step process: one-on-one, small group; then public. An extension of the 'golden rule' says Wendler. (Sidenote: Walter signed Green Party candidate Richard Whitney's petition to run for governor, and President Poshard got called on it by the Blagojeviches. Good for Walter!)

Walter also inked a deal with the Saluki Club of America to promote the breed over the weekend, before the football game vs. Western Illinois at McAndrew Stadium.

I wonder if Walter will sign a petition for a new investigation into the events leading up to 9/11 -- which is the ultimate goal of the documentary 9/11 Press for Truth.

Speaking of investigations, the three-panel committee should have completed its investigation of the Chancellor's alleged plagiarism by now. I fear they found some other boilerplate language borrowed by him from a source that he himself did not compose. But since the document was the joint effort of 258 people, it shouldn't matter. It was only vindictiveness that made it public in the first place.

I wonder if the market deal between SIUC and the Saluki Club of America prohibits the use of that name for political purposes, as in "The Truthy Salukis."

The next post to this blog will tell the time and place where the documentary 9/11 Press for Truth will be shown.


At 4:18 PM, Sthorne said...

Thoguth you might like to know I'm showing the new documentary Iraq for Sale at Castle Perilous Games and Books on Tuesday Oct 10 at 2 p.m. and Thursday the 12 at 8 p.m. Just though people might like to see it. Seating is very limited though, 5-10 people tops.

At 6:46 PM, Anonymous said...

Dave wrote: (Sidenote: Walter signed Green Party candidate Richard Whitney's petition to run for governor, and President Poshard got called on it by the Blagojeviches. Good for Walter!)

Could you say more on this? What is your source? I do not think B's campaign should being calling anyone because someone in their employ signed a petition - any petition!

At 9:29 PM, Anonymous said...

You wrote something about Peter's challenge. Was that referring to the JRB issue? I was rather involved in that. Peter's figures are correct but dated and his interpretation rather one sided. There was and is a real problem, but Dunn and Wendler were not sitting around firing people for fun and they certainly did not act vindictively as far I know. There have been many meetings between W and Faculty Senate members to try to resolve this. Some meetings did not go well; the two sides were just talking past each other, but other times greater understanding was gained and some new ideas generated. Dunn has been doing a much better job and relatively few cases have gone to the JRB lately. The Senate has passed three resolutions on making changes to the JRB, but the Faculty Association feels that the whole thing is really in their preview and it is a current topic of contract negotiations. In short: it is a messy situation, W could have done a better job commutating with faculty, but some progress has been made. Dunn has made some changes to how departments do reviews and prepare tenure and promotion cases. W & D felt that chairs and deans were not giving faculty feedback on things that needed to improve, and so people were shocked when they were turned down. Some faculty have been given an extra year to get tenure that may be too generous. Dunn has also been proactive in getting rid of some deadwood in the making. Some non tenured faculty who were doing nothing, thinking they could cost for six years before being denied tenure have been canned! Peter should like that.


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