Thursday, July 01, 2004

Malpractice makes imperfect

Malpractice makes imperfect

Don't get me wrong, Nicole Sack deserves a "Marmaduke" Award for her "city beat" coverage at the DE, and now at The Southern (her farewell DE piece on The Crossings is brilliant) but she is dead wrong about malpractice insurance reform being a dead issue in this city. The new "Lime in the Coconut" blog on the medical malpractice insurance crisis, promises to monitor a political malady that did not begin or end with Mayor Brad Cole's recent legislative prescription (which the patient failed to take). Hopefully -- if state legislators do not come up with a solution -- the mayor will appoint a special panel of experts (who spoke at the recent City Council meeting) to further study and recommend Home Rule solution to Council -- one that could work statewide.

Of course, the issue may yet be solved by the state legislature before the current session ends, but the prognosis isn't good, according to local experts.


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