Tuesday, September 30, 2003

What's in the Lance Armstrong?

Sandwich, that is --
Turkey (either real or vegetarian), Monterey Jack cheese, roasted green chili, red onion, southwest mayo, and lettuce. Worth riding a bicycle to work for.

Speaking of Bike 2 Work Day...

Inside out, outside in?

I've had a chance to mention having the Bike 2 Work lunch OUTDOORS in front of City Hall where there is plenty of room and a pleasant setting for a small gathering, with the planters and architectural beauty of the building. The main objection seems to be setting up tables and chairs for the event. But I suggested that people can stand, and mill around and mix. And if it's raining, well people won't be riding anyway. So I mentioned to the mayor, who said he would think about it, and asked Darren the guy in charge of setting things up, if it was feasible, and he said, yes, if he didn't have to set up chairs. Hopefully Mayor Cole will "think outside the box," (or rather "the room") on this, and City Manager Doherty will give his approval too. Either way, be sure ride to City Hall on Oct. 8 and enjoy lunch and spokes-persons, and maybe some free music, too. And, hopefully, some gorgeous weather.

Arts in Celebration Art

Coming Friday night...to Gallery HQ.