Friday, September 19, 2003

Shawnee Forest Gump 2: Southern Illinoisan Editor, Meta Minton, at 3rd annual Golconda Shrimp Fest.

Shawnee Forest Gump?

Tomorrow at 'Ware's the Shrimp Farm,' east of Ware in Union County, the McLanes will be throwing a Shrimp Festival featuring music, food and "the chance to buy shrimp at $8 per pound" from noon to 5 p.m. at the farm. You want directions?

Marketing assistance is provided to local shrimp farmers by the Southern Illinois University Carbondale Economical and Regional Development Center, which just received a grant for a 12-state regional marketing co-operative--which means it won't be a shrimpy festival. Maybe they can provide a map link. There's an article in The Southern about it, so is an article about the Air show taking off this weekend at Williamson County Airport.

But I couldn't find anything about the Murphysboro BBQ cookoff, in The Southern Flipside online edition, but the Carbondale Community Calendar has the details.