Friday, September 26, 2003


The Operating System on my computer could not be found yesterday, and I don't have to tell you what that I? Patrick Barnes can tell you on his website. He's the one who fixed it . . . with a soft boot. Me, I used the opportunity to get away from the computer screen and get oot and aboot.

Out on the street, the day was full of interesting encounters . . . I ran into Steve Falcone as he walked his dog, "Philly", on my way to the Interfaith Center to meet with Will Major and Hugh Muldoon , who tells me

Critical Mess

There is a planned "Critical Mass" gathering (?) to use bicycles in some sort of PROTEST fashion on October 9! Plans to block automobile traffic have been discussed. Talk about irony, the planned action comes the day after Bike 2 Work Day. It's almost like the group wants to undo the positive PR that bicycling will get the day before. Couldn't the CM group join the Bike 2 Work effort? I'll try to find out more, since I know some of the people involved in "Critical Mass."


On a quick stop at the Carbondale Public Library to check my email, I encountered Eric Deutsch , who was none too friendly at first, until I pointed out that my account of the public hearing about the proposed TIF District (see below) was accurate. It was the incompleteness Eric didn't like. He thought I should have mentioned that the company the presenter, Mike Weber, worked for was paid $35,000 by the City for his assistance, among other things that bear investigation.

Da Energy Mon

And if that wasn't enough chance encounters, when I got home, I saw Aur Beck in the dining room of my house, since he stopped by for a visit. Aur is the energetic energy guru of Southern Illinois (see his website). He also has a great radio program on WDBX, and supports the Muddy Media project.

Speaking of media, I think by now the media have been given sufficient notice about "Bike 2 Work Day." Here's the deal:

Bike 2 Work Day Details

1. Ride a bicycle to work--with a friend-- on Wednesday, October 8...
2. Ride to City Hall for lunch at noon.
3. Eat a "Lance Armstrong" sandwich (featuring turkey (real and veg) and other ingredients to be announced, as well as fruit, some chips and a soft drink.
4. Listen to a few speakers about bicycle routes and things like that, from Noon til 1 p.m.
5. Possibly win one of the "door prizes" that will awarded in a random drawing. A prize will also be given to the person who rides the longest distance.
6. Ride back to work.
7. Ride back home. Or have Peter Hertzing's Limo Service pick you up.