Monday, September 08, 2003

City Council takes the show on the road

In three weeks, on Tuesday, September 30, the Carbondale City Council will hold a Town Meeting to offer residents of the Northwest and Southwest neighborhoods an opportunity to discuss issues and opportunities affecting their neighborhoods--at Parrish School, Multi-Purpose Room, 7:00 p.m.

The following week, October 7th is the annual "Council Meeting on Campus" at 7:00 p.m. in the SIU Student Center, Ballroom B.

This may be a good time for the City Council candidates who lost to make an appearance. Perhaps have an acoustic jam on stage or something with the other Council members. (At least one Council member Sheila Simon, plays a musical instrument. Probably Chris Wissmann too.) Meanwhile, Councilman Lance Jack's off-line still, but inching closer to getting wired. (He told me at Mungo Jerry's) I don't know how many other Council members play musical instruments, but they appear to be working harmoniously behind that long table they sit behind each week, thanks to City Clerk, Janet Vaught (keeper of the sheet music) and City Manager Jeff Doherty, who teams with "front man" Mayor Cole on lead vocals occasionally.

Murshid's birthday

I said I'd find out what they had for dessert at Sheikh Din Dayemi's annual birthday extravaganza at the old Tokyo Restaurant last night, but I didn't attend the event due to another commitment, but dropped off a small gift--a photo of him playfully wearing a wig, seated with his teacher's grandson, Anwar, at Sufi Park during "Kid's Day" in May. I posted a rollover image of it . . . here. I hope he enjoys it. If he thinks that's bad, he should see the one I did of Kim Magwire once.

Later I found out that dinner was Thai-themed: Tom Ka soup (coconut), Spring Rolls, Red Curry vegetables, Pod Thai, Pineapple something, and Cucumber salad. Dessert: extra-chocolatey cake and, of course, ice cream. Now I wish I had attended. Well, maybe next year. Insh'allah.

Speaking of Kim Magwire...

Kim's anniversary

Yesterday also marked the 5th anniversary of Rev. Kim Magwire's pastorship of Church of the Good Shepherd, with a party and "roast" by another good shepherd, Hugh Muldoon.