Saturday, February 22, 2003

Will Neighborhood Coop fly the coop?

Dispatchionate Dave has heard on the organic grapevine that Francis Murphy, general manager of the Neighborhood Coop, is making plans to relocate one of Carbondale's "anchor businesses" to the Murdale Shopping Center--making it all the more imperative to have a small convenient store located downtown. Since Coop members must vote for the move, Murphy has some convincing to do, but the reasons for the move make sense--more parking, better location, more profitable. On the other hand, some members of the coop (count me in) believe that the Coop ought to stay where it's been for the past 30 years, and maybe expand to Murdale instead. More on this after I've had a chance to speak with Francis.

Meanwhile, his Kroger counterpart, City Council candidate, Steve Haynes, brought "additional value" to the Interfaith Center Friday night, along with Chris Wissmann (pictured below), who brought the food, and James Rooney, who brought the schmooze.

Interfaith Center Hosts Eco-Art and Council Candidates

Nicole Klinge's eco art was on display at the Interfaith Center (as well as Nicole herself) making a nice backdrop for the third (and final) "Meet the Candidates" event co-hosted by City Council candidate, Lance Jack and University Christian Ministries (at the Interfaith Center).

A nice vegetable plate was served, and desserts, and a smorgasbord of candidates showed up, as well as representatives of the Carbondale Times (Tom Reichman, interviewing James Rooney above) and Southern Illinoisan (Linda Rush).

Chris Wissmann deserves thanks for the appetizing table spread. And speaking of appetizing tables...

Row Row Row Restaurant Gently Down the Street

The latest on the "Restaurant Row" idea: Please wait to be seated.