Sunday, February 09, 2003

WDBX has a Ball

In the top picture, that's Barry and Karen Cupp (the Midwest Cashers) on the right of the line, along with other friends of WDBX queued up for Rachel Cristaudo's primo cajun cooking; In the photo next to them, WDBX Station Manager, Brian Powell, announcing winning drawings; Below, Green Party partiers Rich Whitney and Poola Bradshaw; and Corrina "Tomato Fertility Goddess" Lang, among the dancers to Dennis Strohmatt and Creole Stomp.

Carbondale's community radio station raised more money toward its new transmitter, with the help of contributions from folks at the Ball. plus $15,000 from businessman Barrett Rochman, announced last night by station manager Brian Powell.

More photos and text on this story will be posted later, including some appetizing gossip about a certain Mayoral candidate, picked up in the hors d'oeurves line, like a prawn.

The Prawn Shop*

Speaking of prawns, I overheard in the same hors d'oeurves line that Barry and Karen Cupp love Cajun food so much they are thinking of opening a new restaurant called The Prawn Shop on Illinois Ave. (right next door to the new Thai restaurant Thai One On) if the City of Carbondale will shell out some tax incentives, and return some of the land that is currently being used for profitless parking meters back to local business.

*More humor (the Cupps own the Midwest Cash pawn shop, but they enjoy crustaceans)

Like many dancers inside the Carbondale Civic Center last night, I danced for joy that I didn't have to put money into one of the parking meters on the streets outside. In the past, those no-armed bandits were in effect until 10 p.m., but the time has been cut back to 6 p.m. since stores closed by then anyway.

Curious about the parking situation in downtown Carbondale? If so, let's take a ride to...