Sunday, February 16, 2003

Exuberant march in February

About 300 people showed up at the Newman Center on Saturday to support the world-wide peace effort taking place that day.

KFVS, Channel 12 aired its coverage at 6, 10, and 7 the next morning. They showed both sides, but also covered the march and a bit of Simon's speech at the rally. WSIL Channel 3 showed nothing of the march or rally. They covered the vigil, but gave more seconds of air-time to the half-dozen pro-war demonstrators across the street than to 300 ant-war protesters.

A viewer of WSIL's "equal-time" coverage would come away thinking there was more pro-war than pro-peace activity today at Main and Illinois. Lee Hartman urges all Peace Coalition members to ask Channel 3 to give a more truthful account of peace activity in the future.

More photos of the rally and march can be seen at the Shawnee Network website.