Friday, February 07, 2003

Carbondale Park District

According to information on the Carbondale Main Street organization's website:

"Currently there are 256 on-street metered parking spaces. In addition, the City of Carbondale maintains 14 Downtown metered parking lots, accounting for almost 1300 parking stalls."

I'll bet a Booby's kosher hot dog that C'dale has more parking meters per capita than New York City. You do the math, I'll by the dog for the first reader to prove otherwise. Certainly, Carbondale can be called "The Parking Meter Capitol of Southern Illinois."

The Main Street report continues...

The success of Downtown Carbondale depends heavily on the physical environment created through convenient parking and attractive streetscape improvements."

Doesn't it depend more heavily on having places for students to go? A postal annex? A small grocery store, etc. etc. Does CMS really believe that out-of-town visitors care about new parking meter poles (and clip-art banners)?

To the contrary, the success of downtown Carbondale will come from having more businesses. The ones already here are appreciated, but more are needed. The destruction of up to a dozen viable businesses in the 80's under the banner of urban redevelopment has left parts of Illinois Ave. an architectural eyesore, and an economic disaster.

Don't get me wrong--they're nice looking poles.