Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Luncheon for Dollars

Lunch at Quatros Deep Pan Pizza with a wealthy investor to discuss the swimming pool for Carbondale and other entrepreneurial ideas, since the wealthy investor (aka "Moneybags") had just put up a chunk of dough for a Business Plan Contest.

Sausage and mushrooms were the toppings--and Pepsi the drink--as we spoke of invigorating the sagging economy in downtown Carbondale. The suggestion of paving over the Labyrinth and putting up a parking lot to create more parking spaces for businesses at that end of town was rejected like a bad belch. As we sliced up "The Strip" into units of economic productivity, and counted the number of empty buildings downtown, we got bogged down in mozzarella cheese at what-used-to-be LaRoma's. When our lunchin' ended, I brought some slices of our conversation home to chew on further in these Dispatches.