Friday, December 20, 2002


It's all coming together: Egyptian Key Radio on Carbondale Community Radio Station WDBX, 91.1.

Ben Gelman and Tom Egert (see below) together at last for the first time in this photo. Ben's article in the Southern Illinoisan (see below) suggested the name EKR for a local radio talk show.

What day? What time? What host(s)? Your bumble narrator would be willing to co-host, with a few others...(Egert and Mark Robinson, former Bike Surgeon, current Busdog? hmmm)...what guests? who would be on first? The Chancellor or President of SIUC? A union representative? A local holy man? The first show will set the tone. The concept could work. Two of the funniest guys in town, and a man who hasn't laughed since 1989.

Two other comedians come to mind...Officer Brunner, are you listening? The other person doesn't go online much, so she won't see this, but if you see the Sufi lady known as "Knower," you could mention it to her. Hugh Muldoon or Will Major of the Interfaith Center would probably co-host once in a while. Sam Goldman of Temple Beth Jacob might be good as guest host now and then. How about you? If you're interested in this concept, write to Tom Egert and we'll make it happen, insh'allah, god-willing, and the geeks don't rise.

Bikes for tots

Not actually tots, the recipients range in age up to 14 years old, and they lack training wheels, but this Saturday, the Carbondale Police Department will give away several bicycles to kids at the Eurma Hayes center, courtesy of the new improved Bike Surgeon (Bill "Bwilly" Watts...Will he? What?), who generously donated his time and talent to fix the bikes and pose for this picture.

Two members of Carbondale's finest load up the last of six bicycles repaired by Watts, who may have injured his thumb while doing so.

If you think that all there is to this photo...

Look Again

That's PK's at left, and a City Parking Lot, where there used to be businesses before the City acquired the property to build a "Convention Center" which turned out to be a new City Hall. The fire hydrant you see was just repainted by the Carbondale Lions, and on the right is Animal Crackers, the new dog-training center--in the old Merlin''s building--which sat vacant for years. From Blight Spot to Bright Spot, which reminds me, it's about time for a Blight Spot update.