Friday, November 01, 2002

Today is All Saints Day. There are thousands of them in the Catholic tradition. Plus thousands more among the other religions of the world (preparing to march in, in March?) A few might show up at the "Day of Dead" observance on Saturday, which also happens to be "All Soul's Day" in the Catholic tradition.

The month of November is also designated as Native American Heritage month, and SIUC has scheduled speakers and presentations throughout at different venues.

A few other people and things that are special this month:
The First week is National Split Pea Soup Week, so split some peas and slurp away. Meanwhile, the last week of November (23rd-29) has even MORE going on: It's National Geography, Leftover, AND Game and Puzzle Awareness Week. Take your choice.

Tomorrow observes both Daniel Boone's Birthday and National Deviled Egg Day, along with all those souls. So, if you're a saint, or if you ain't, try to make it to the Day of the Dead observance on Saturday. See you there. I'll be the one wearing a coonskin cap, with mustard on my cuff.