Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Students out of town for Thanksgiving break this week, so the Daily Egyptian won't be out again until next Monday. But Southern Illinois' #1 newspaper reports that Jackson County Sheriff Bill Kilquist "wouldn't be opposed to [having the right kind of] advertising" on county police vehicles. It's part of a small but growing trend among cash-strapped police departments, according to an article in the Southern Illinoisan.

Although other municipalities dismiss the idea, neither Carbondale City Police nor the SIU Campus Police have weighed in on the issue. How about the State Police? The FBI or DEA? The next time one of these agencies pulls a high-visibility raid, they could pre-sell advertising on the back of their flak-jackets. I'll try to find out today what Carbondale's finests think of the idea--as soon as I get the lowdown on the mysterious Bright Spot Awards (see below).